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Sternbuschweg 156

The small property has 28 rooms and four communal kitchens and is located close to the campus.

The rooms have gigabyte Ethernet internet access as standard. All rooms have TV reception. The reception type varies from residence to residence, and might be changed in the course of the rental contract. Presently our tenants receive TV via cable TV and IPTV. These costs are already covered by the monthly rent.
A laundry with washing machines and dryers is located in the basement. The machines can be operated with the payment chip on your student identity card.
Plenty of parking space and a bike stand are provided in the yard area behind the property. Just behind it is a small, relaxing garden.

The main campus and the Bismarckstraße campus are around a one-kilometre walk away, the main station and city centre just a few steps further.

Room types and prices

Room typeSizeRent fromFurnished
Einzelzimmerfrom12 m²240,- € yes
Room in shared 2-pers. apartmentnone
Room in shared 3-pers. apartmentnone
Room in shared 4-pers. apartmentnone
Room in shared 5-pers. apartmentnone
Room in shared 6-pers. apartmentnone

Jörg Albrecht - Advisor for tenants

Auf der Union 4a-8b (E)| Niehusmannskamp 15-19 (E) | Kammerstraße 206-208 (Du) | Ruhrorter Straße 66-70 (Du) | Sternbuschweg 156 (Du) | Schemkesweg 41-45 (Du)

Tel.: +49 201 82010-752
Fax: +49 201 82010-759
albrechtnoSpam@stw.essen-duisburgnoSpam.de albrechtnoSpam@stw.essen-duisburgnoSpam.de

Office: Reckhammerweg 1 in 45141 Essen



Sternbuschweg 156
47057 Duisburg

Property manager

Andreas Klotten
Tel.: +49 (0)171 2 27 88 24
Email: Andreas Klotten