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We are here to offer you advice and support in difficult situations, whether they concern life in general or studying, for example:

  • Problems with your studies, e.g. exam anxiety, pressure to achieve, or coping with assignments and deadlines.
    We work with you to develop new strategies and approaches.
  • Conflicts with parents, partners or friends (relationship or separation issues).
    We consider different aspects of your situation, respect and support your ideas and together open up new perspectives.
  • Emotional issues, self-doubt or anxiety about the future.
    We listen, explore possible causes and together discover your resources and strengths. We offer you the space you need to find orientation, structure and solutions and give you professional support, where necessary until any psychotherapy begins.  

We offer you a place where you can show your emotions, sort your thoughts and feelings, and get a new perspective. Our counselling services are confidential, anonymous and free of charge.

You can contact us during our open office hour or make an appointment to see us.

We also offer: Counselling Services.