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Good for people and the environment

We want to make a contribution to environmental protection through various measures:

  • Social trading through the use of fairly traded products, e.g. coffee and tea
  • Purchasing from regional suppliers and purchase of seasonal products
  • Recycling of food waste, oils and fats by specialist companies
  • Waste avoidance through recycling and the use of large containers and reusable bottles
  • Reusable deposit system in the cafeterias and recyclable cornstarch cups in the canteens
  • Avoidance of genetically modified products and flavour enhancers
  • Reduced use of palm oil
  • Training of the staff in food management
  • Modern and contemporary kitchen technology
  • and a lot more...

Coffee grounds as fertilizer

The Studierendenwerk Essen-Duisburg sells about half a million coffee drinks per year in its canteens and cafeterias. Up to 30 litres of coffee grounds are produced every day. This coffee grounds can be collected free of charge and used as fertiliser, for example. In just the same way as commercial mineral fertilizers, coffee ground contain nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and other important plant nutrients.

If you are interested, you can pick up the coffee grounds during the regular opening hours at the cafeterias of the Studierendenwerk Essen-Duisburg. For transport 10-litre buckets with lids are provided. Only a phone call to the cafeterias' contact person the day before is sufficient.

Campus Essen
Café Rosso: Frau Hetz / Frau Wick +49 201 1833225
Café Giallo: Frau Markner /Frau Meister +49 201 1832333
Cafélyse: Frau Welbers +49 201 7234315

Campus Duisburg
U-Café: Frau Klein +49 203 3793966
Café Vision: Frau Pawlowski +49 203 3794168
Coffeebar insgrüne: Frau Ingenfeld-Bodtke +49 203 3794193