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Do I need a health insurance?

Yes, in order to be able to enroll at the university and for a prolongation of your residence in Germany a valid certificate proving your health insurance must be presented.

The monthly premium for your health insurance will be approximately 80,00 €. Caution: After turning 30, your premium will be raised to approximately 150,00 €.

Language students and members of the academic teaching staff will not be covered by statutory health insurance. They have to take out a private health insurance.

Our advice: As soon as you’re a student, you should change to a statutory health insurance even though private health insurances sometimes seem to be less expensive. However, they don’t offer the same services as statutory health insurances and changing won’t be possible anymore at a later date.

Am I allowed to work and if yes, how much?

In the first year of your language course, working is only allowed during holidays and an official permission by the foreigners’ registration office is necessary.

After that, people who aren’t citizens of the EU are allowed to work 120 full days or to work part-time 240 days a year. Student part-time work at a university or another scholarly institution is possible without an approval but it has to be reported at the foreigners’ registration office.

What can I do when I haven financial problems?

International students have to prove a sufficient financing in order to get a residence permit for studies in Germany. Therefore, they usually aren’t entitled to support via the Federal Training Assistance Act or social benefits. It is possible to finance certain phases of your studies via student loans, completion loans, or scholarships. Please contact our social advisors should you have any questions concerning student finance.

How much time do I have to find a job after completing my studies?

After the successful completion of your studies, a residence permit for job seeking will be granted and you will have 18 months to find an adequate job. During this period, you’re allowed to take on every job you want to, without having to consider any restrictions.

Which documents do I need in order to apply for a prolongation of my residence permit?

You will have to present the following documents when applying for a prolongation of your residence permit:

  • Documents that prove your permanent residence (rental contract)
  • A valid certificate proving your health insurance
  • Evidence of sufficient financial means for your subsistence
  • Identification documents

How can I find an apartment?

Please start looking for a room or apartment as early as possible.

If you want to rent a room in one of our student residences, you’ll have to apply online for it. For more information about our student residences go to the section titled Accommodation.

If you’re looking for a room or an apartment on the regular housing market, take a look at the “accommodation”-section of the local press. Furthermore, you will find ads on the internet, at housing companies, or on bill-boards on campus. There, you can also post your own ad, stating that you are looking for a room.