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Students who do not receive BAföG or who need additional funds have a choice of different loans specifically tailored to their particular target group. The special feature of these loans is that they are disbursed in monthly instalments rather than as a lump sum.

Loans are available to students to cover their living expenses and are paid out directly to the student. Studierendenwerk Essen-Duisburg works as a sales partner for two particularly attractive loans: one is the interest-free Daka student loan, the other the KfW-Bank’s low-interest student loan. Other loans are also available from a number of sources, including the Federal Government and various private banks. Whichever loan you choose, the same thing applies: first check carefully whether you really need it. A loan always brings with it a mountain of debt, which has to be paid back when you have finished your studies. Loans from public bodies usually offer better terms, as they are not designed to make a profit.

If you have any questions, please contact our social advisory service. We will tell you about all the options for funding your studies and help you to work out a finance plan.