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Daka loan

Interest-free student loan

The Darlehenskasse der Studierendenwerke e.V. offers interest-free loans to students in financial distress. Amount and duration of the loan, depend on individual needs

The Daka loan is among the best student loans in various tests (including CHE, Finanztest).


  • You are studying at a state higher education institution in North Rhine-Westphalia.
  • You need financial assistance to cover the cost of living.
  • You can provide a guarantor to back you as security.


  • The upper limit for the loan is 12.000 €, disbursed in monthly instalments of up to 1.000 €.
  • The loan is interest-free; a one-off administrative fee of 5 % of the loan amount is charged.
  • The loan is transferred by the Daka office in Cologne to your personal deposit account with your bank.
  • If you have not reached the maximum loan amount, you can continue to receive support for your Master’s degree after completing your Bachelor’s.


  • Repayments begin 12 months after the last loan disbursement in instalments of 150 € per month.
  • If you go on to study for a Master’s immediately after receiving financial support during your Bachelor’s degree, you can apply to defer repayment without interest to begin six months after the regular duration of study for your Master’s degree.
  • Flexible repayment options are also available in other financially difficult situations.

There is no legal entitlement to a Daka loan. The Daka is a non-profit organization of the Studierendenwerke.

For more information please contact Hamide Aydin of our team, or click here.

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