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Learning languages and making new friends: This enables the Studierendenwerk with the languages café Café-Lingua.

The principle of Café-Lingua is simple: In a relaxing atmosphere native speakers and students who are interested in foreign languages can talk with each other at so-called language islands – regardless of their language skills.  At each language island a different languages is spoken. Talking is conducted under the guidance of a “language guide”, who helps to overcome initial inhibitions.

Currently, there are German, English, French, Spanish and Dutch country tables. Other tables, which go beyond the planned offer, can arise spontaneously from the encounter of the participants.

The Studierendenwerk has deliberately chosen an open and easy-going format to allow room for initiative and participation.

The attendance of the event is free of charge and without registration.

The language café is held every month (except in the semester breaks). Dates will be announced on the homepage as well as on the Facebook-page of the Studierendenwerk.



When?: 10th of Jule 2017, 6-9 pm

Where?: Café vision, Lothar Straße, 47057 Duisburg


Referent of International services

Julia Garbar                                        
Mülheimer Straße 202                        
Room 1.10                                            
47057 Duisburg

Tel.: +49 (0)203 34 69 95 - 23
Email: Julia Garbar