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Tanz zum Wunderwerk

"Tanz zum Wunderwerk” is the name of the student dancing group of Studierendenwerk Essen-Duisburg. Since 2011 Chinese students are dancing traditional and modern dances in the student residence Tulpenstr. in Duisburg. They have given successful performances of their choreographies at various events.

Contemporary Dance Project Group

The group brings together both German and foreign students and invites them in an exchange process – body to body, heart to heart. Together they study their common grounds and their differences, as they try to translate them into movement. Through the joy of dancing they enter a dialogue and work on the big questions of life: Who are we in the world? How do we communicate with ourselves and what ties us together?

Contemporary dance is a meeting point for various dance and movement techniques, theatre and expressive arts of all sorts. All experiences that live in our bodies contribute to it – and because each of us has a body, each of us can relate to that. The main emphasis is put on natural movement and an authentic expression of the body.


Are you interested in participating or founding your own student group? Please contact Julia Garbar.

Julia Garbar

Referent of International Services
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